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We connect brands to curated courses +bootcamps featuring masterclasses with leaders from the worlds of business, tech, design + culture.

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We connect innovation leaders to the best advice, mentors and collaborators from the most interesting people in the world.


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How it works


Our producers spend time with you to understand your story, your brand, your challenge, + what we need to do to unlock your team's growth.

Plus we look at how best to collaborate with you, and your team.

we curate courses and masterclasses

We design each element of the course with you + pick the true pioneers of the field to give masterclasses on each topic.

Together, we create unique experiences for your team.

our courses  turn into digital resources

We record each element and turn the results into media that you can share across your business.

Are you ready to make change happen?

bespoke courses, global experience

Our courses are better because they are infused with the best advice from the most interesting people.

Whether you need masterclasses formed by the lived experience of a leader who has been there + done that,  the ideas of a pioneer in the field, or great creative minds to inspire you we have you covered.

think like human leaders, powered by ai

Leadership takes the same things it always has. Guts, commitment, passion. The things that we can have and machines can't.

We use AI to power our curation process, as we connect leaders who can spark a creative breakthrough when they meet your team.

The tech also helps us transcribe + record Sessions so we can produce podcasts, films and creative outputs faster than ever before.

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