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We create mentoring programmes that match you to business, creative and tech leaders from around the world.
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Label Sessions gives your business mentors with real lived experience of leading companies, teams and new thinking. From the C-suite , to comedians, to the pioneers of tech.

your own board of advisors

A personal board of advisors can transform your career. Time for some real talk on your leadership journey? Speak to people who've been there done that now, next month + as long as you need.

real talk, real people, real connections

Our team build a profile of each Leaders' experience, expertise and also personality + perspective. That means we can curate Sessions for you in which you truly connect.

truly global mentoring

There's a perfect mentor for each of us, but most of us never meet them.

When companies work with Label Sessions we connect their teams to the experts + the pioneers wherever they are in the world.

If you truly want the best mentoring programme, you better be finding the most interesting people anywhere.

ai that helps people connect

Our team have been working out what makes people connect for years. Now we're training AI to help us scale up our intuition.

Our team build profiles of each Leader on our Label, plus each potential mentee and what makes them tick.

Then our Label Sessions model guides our teams to build extraordinary boards of advisors for each individual.

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