the most interesting teams in the world

We give you more interesting people to lead your projects, strategies and new ventures.


bring leaders into your teams and projects

The most interesting projects, brands and products need the most interesting Leaders. We have a global Label for precisely these people.

accelerate progress

It turns out better Leaders make progress quicker, and better teams deliver better results. Our team work with you to curate the best teams to create the best results - and they get going fast too.

build new brands + products

Label Sessions has teams building new strategies, brands, and products right now. Ask the team for a demo of some of the recent work.

a global label of leaders

As more of us work remotely, people can join our teams from anywhere in the world. So why do we only recruit people who we already know?

Label Sessions has built a Label of Leaders with experience of creating new products + brands all over the world.

We can now bring these together to unlock new opportunities for businesses, and collaborate with teams, anywhere in the world.

curated teams

Label Sessions was built by people who have been forming creative teams, and working out what makes them tick, for over a decade.

Today we use AI and analytics to build teams that not only have the mix of skills, but the right personalities to collaborate well together and with your team.

The result is a new way to curate teams that can take on the big challenges that brands face.

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