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our mission

Label Sessions was founded to connect everyone to the best advice from the most interesting people. We believe that great advice changes careers, businesses and industries.


Label Sessions was developed by Label Ventures, a studio working with global brands to create new products, brands and services. Everyone and every company needs great advice, but the way this is usually delivered is stuck in the 20th century. A new model is possible.


We live our mission every day through our commercial work, but also through our volunteeering programme. Everybody at Label Sessions gets involved in our volunteering programmes, offering the best advice and mentoring to non-profits and causes we care about.

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we leave stealth mode

We officially launch the company in April 2023 with an exciting roadmap for this year.


leaders scouted a week

Our team are constantly scouting and assessing to see where we can find talent.


leaders signed each week

Only a select group make it through our process, to sign fully to Label Sessions


client joined each week

We are highly selective around who we bring through our waitlist process.


countries with labelmates

We have built Label Sessions to be global by design.


cities with live

Our Supper Clubs are live now in Toronto, London, Edinburgh, Montreal + New York

Team Members

Nick Sherrard
Managing Director
Maxine Mackie
Chief Product Officer
iain montgomery
Growth Director
Helen Page
Board Chair
Alex Longson
Art Director
Josh Nixon
Content Producer
Neil Barnett
Finance Director
Advice. Mentorship. Collaboration.

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